Top Your Table With Token Terrors Miniatures

October 25, 2018 by cassn

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Get ready for some tiny RPG battles, as Token Terrors comes to the tabletop! Designer John de Campos originally conceptualized the idea for Token Terrors when he decided he wanted a 'more stylized, compact and fun representation' of the token creatures used on the Magic: The Gathering battlefield.


However, he soon realised that there could be so much more to these tiny troops, and soon he had designed the mechanic for a whole new game. Token Terrors: Battlegrounds is a player vs player brawl where each competitor selects ten tokens and tries to outwit their opponent through a combination of cunning manoeuvres and swift attacks.


Token Terrors are injection-molded and, as such, compared to other miniatures, the cost is significantly reduced - $9.99 for 6 minis! Despite this low cost, the miniatures promise to be of good quality; de Campos describes the tokens as 'durable, weighty, dice-like' products which can be easily painted and aesthetically incorporate easily with other components. token3

Of course, Token Terrors can be used outside of their base game and Magic: The Gathering settings, and would also work well as D&D minion encounters. There are currently only six creatures available in their Season 1 Kickstarter launch, but over a dozen six creature seasons are currently being playtested, so there are plenty more to come.


There's also hints at larger, rarer miniatures from the developer; the elusively named Token Tyrants and Token Titans. Indeed, there's even talk of two expansion games; Token Terrors: Adventure promises to be a 4-6 player dungeon crawl, while Token Terrors: TEAM UP! will be an expanded 2v2 version of the base game.


I'm sure I should remain professionally objective about this product, but these tokens are ridiculously cool and I want them all! The game looks fun, the miniatures are quality, and they provide a quirky 'funko-pop-esque' aesthetic to miniature gaming. When Token Terrors launches, I'll have my pledge in straight away.


Token Terrors should be arriving at Kickstarter soon, but interested gamers can sign up to their mailing list to receive further information as it's released.

Do you prefer realistic or exaggerated miniatures, or are both equally worthwhile? Let us know in the comments!

"These tokens are ridiculously cool and I want them all!"

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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