Trade & Barter Throughout Europe With Board & Dice’s Tiletum

September 16, 2022 by brennon

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Board & Dice are going to be releasing a brand new dice management game soon. You'll get the chance to snap this up from Essen SPIEL soon and then at retail shortly after. Are you going to be exploring Europe as a merchant with Tiletum?

Tiletum Cover - Board & Dice

Tiletum // Board & Dice

You will be travelling around Europe as rich merchants who are looking to trade and barter during the Golden Age of the Renaissance. The main mechanic of the game works around a dice management system. The dice are used for two things, gaining resources and performing actions. On your turn, you will choose a die to gain a number of resources corresponding to the value. However, the dice also work as actions and the fewer resources gained on a die, the more powerful the action is. So, you have to guess and chance your arm each turn with your decision-making.

Tiletum Components - Board & Dice

Tiletum Components // Board & Dice

Travelling in Europe isn't a new idea when it comes to board games but I do like the way that the dice mechanics sound. Using the dice for both resources and actions sounds like a fun puzzle to solve and I like how that has to balance against the contracts you undertake and the favours you do for others on your travels.

The merchant that manages to get their hands on the most prestige over the course of the game will be crowned the winner and become famous amongst the other noble families that rose to fame during the Renaissance.

As mentioned, the game should be coming out very soon so keep an eye out for it!

"Using the dice for both resources and actions sounds like a fun puzzle to solve..."

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