Olmec Games’ Ulaya Chronicles Kickstarter Hits Final Hours

June 1, 2020 by brennon

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Olmec Games has now moved into the final day or so for their Ulaya Chronicles Kickstarter. If you like your Sci-Fi wargames with a twist and you adore dinosaurs then this and The Drowned Earth might be games to check out.

Master Builder Pledge - The Drowned Earth

Check Out Ulaya Chronicles On Kickstarter

If you're interested in diving in all the way then this Master Builder option above is the way to go. As well as giving you the core game of Ulaya Chronicles, a cooperative affair (with no miniatures), you'll also be able to get your hands on all of the miniature upgrades, dinosaurs and more. This then allows you to leap from Ulaya Chronicles into The Drowned Earth proper if you wish!

Ulaya Chronicles; Dinosaur Miniatures Galore!

As mentioned above, one of the great things about this game is that they have looked at bringing loads of awesome dinosaurs into the mix. After all, it wouldn't be a post-apocalyptic adventure without steaming jungles, twisted remains of past civilisations and dinosaurs running rampant would it?

Ankylo Miniature - The Drowned Earth

Above, we have the rather adorable Ankylo. I was always a big fan of these creatures as they were effectively the walking tanks of the dinosaur world. Any creature with an armoured carapace and a massive club-like tail for crunching its foes gets my seal of approval.

As well as the Ankylo, there is also the Ceratops, another of my favourite dinosaurs. This miniature is absolutely bloomin' massive as you'll have seen in the preview above.

Ceratops Miniature - The Drowned Earth

The dinosaurs in the world of Ulaya Chronicles are a law unto their own. Maybe they'll end up going for you, or perhaps you could goad them into attacking your enemies so that you don't have to worry about them! It's always good to have an extra threat on the tabletop to help build the narrative and make things feel more "on edge".

Some dinosaurs can be tamed though as you'll see with Dahu, The Pirate Queen here mounted atop one of these snarling beasts.

Pirate Queen Mounted Miniature - The Drowned Earth

Who wouldn't want to ride around on a massive dinosaur? The campaign as a whole from Olmec Games has busted through all of its stretch goals and with around thirty hours left on the campaign, seems like a really fun project to dive in and support. If you've not had a look at it already, or you were waiting in the wings, now is the time to check it out.

Ulaya Chronicles Gameplay Video

Don't forget, we also put together a Let's Play with the creator so you can see how the game plays...

Make sure to give that a watch and then maybe come and check out more from The Drowned Earth world right here OnTableTop.

What do you make of this game and its miniatures?

"If you've not had a look at it already, or you were waiting in the wings, now is the time to check it out..."

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