Uncover Dark Secrets In Descent: Shadow Of Nerekhall

October 31, 2013 by brennon

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Descent is one of those epic game that just demands expansions and Shadow of Nerekhall is the next one from Fantasy Flight Games. This time your adventurers will be going to a spooky city to uncover it's mysteries...

Shadow of Nerekhall Box

Shadow of Nerekhall Contents

Shadow of Nerekhall gives you nineteen new quests that you can undertake in this strange city. As well as that a whole host of new heroes and more monsters will make their presence known and be stalking you through the streets.

New Monsters

New Heroes

A Bard, Skirmisher, Conjurer, and Shadow Walker will be taking up the mantle of adventurer, for gold or glory, or maybe even both. Interestingly the Overlord is also going to get a neat mechanic which includes the corrupt citizens. Demons and monsters could be springing up from everywhere.

Does this sound like the adventure for you?

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