Climb To The Top Of An Underwater Business In Squid Inc.

October 12, 2021 by fcostin

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An office environment at work can be quite the stressful one, there is always a hierarchy of influence and quite often a gossipy lady who seems to know everybody's business! However, an office atmosphere underwater seems to play out a little differently. Squid Inc has been announced by WizKids, and it takes office politics under the deep blue, in the ocean's biggest business.

Squid Inc - Image One

Squid Inc. // Wizkids

In April 2020, Squid Inc will be heading on to our tabletops, as players get some tabletop practice in dealing with climbing the greasy pole to success and balancing office politics.

Starting out as just a small fish in a big pond, players will attempt on showing their worth in the business. Meaning they will need to make their way up the corporal hierarchy to prove the best. However, as you know as much as I do - there are some sharks in the office looking to halt your progress and want to see you at the bottom of the pile. Although there are some literal sharks in the office at Squid Inc, the sharks I am talking about are your opponents.

Squid Inc - Image Two

Gameplay Preview // Squid Inc.

Along with claiming the ladder to success in your own time, the competitive aspect of Squid Inc is ever so slightly stabby! If you wanted to take your peaceful path in progressing in your underwater career, push ahead - but expect your opponents to be making it difficult for you. As players will be hiring new employees and ensuring they fit right in, and opponents will be provided stabby opportunities to demote and dismiss to hinder progress.

Whether you are looking to hire a hammerhead shark or an anglerfish - you will find many a creature for whatever your position needing to be filled. Just remember to not upset the blowfish, I truly heard he was one bad mother puffer.

I am not sure many creatures will be able to hang around the water cooler if it is underwater? What would be the alternative at Squid Inc? 

"Starting out as just a small fish in a big pond, players will attempt on showing their worth in the business..."

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