Utilise Mystical Tools Of Witchcraft In New Board Game Witchstone

May 7, 2021 by fcostin

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Have you ever been part of a witch's guild? Gather your coven and head straight to the cauldron, as you are needed to pull together your magical energy to occupy the towers surrounding the mystifying Witchstone.

Witchstone // HUCH!

The upcoming board game by German publisher, HUCH!, puts 2-4 players in the role of a sorcerer ready to cause dark and secretive chaos behind the rims of a cauldron, wielding all the necessary occult tools in Witchstone.

This double hex tile engine builder really does immerse the players into a thematic story. As you and your team are enrolled as established members of the guild. You will each be required to occupy one of the four towers which surround the all-powerful Witchstone, to compete against one another for an abundance of victory points.

Now, how do you earn victory points, Free? By utilising your witchy tools of course. Each player is equipped with a cauldron where they have to engage with their pentagrams, crystals, magic wand, crystal ball prophecy scrolls, and lots more occult goodies.

Witchstone // HUCH!

During an action, players must utilise their cauldron to complete a series of actions relevant to the game board, whether it be using energy to connect to other locations, move witches to ensure more victory points come your way, collect points from your hex tiles by placing them into your cauldron, utilise your crystals, create chaos with your magic wand, or utilise scroll cards to put your most advanced magic to the test - boosting actions and eventually scoring more points.

Witchstone // HUCH!

As soon as the game has seen 11 turns of mystical chaos, the game is over and whatever witch has racked up the most victory points is crowned champion. During 11 turns, this could equate to roughly 40-60 actions depending on how many players are in the action, and how well you have used your cauldron and items to rack up the most points.

The game can take roughly 60-90 minutes and is pitched at ages 12+, so is a great way to battle it out with your family of witches by being competitive, but not wanting to turn one another into small creatures!

Witchstone is set to release in the upcoming month of May, so pull your crew together for your next upcoming games night and to compete in becoming the Master of the Witchstone.

What are your favourite magical themed board games? 

"You and your team are enrolled as established members of the guild."

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