Keep Your Vault Ticking Over In Fallout Shelter: The Board Game

November 8, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off their new venture alongside the folks from Bethesda as they bring Fallout Shelter: The Board Game to the tabletop soon.

Fallout Shelter The Board Game - FFG

This new game which takes cues from the quick and easy mobile game that Bethesda released a few years ago is a worker placement affair where you're looking to make your Vault the best it can be whilst also dealing with an array of problems that arise from looking after people in a nuclear wasteland.

Fallout Shelter The Board Game Components - FFG

You will take on the role of an Officer who will be working to build their own section of a larger vault. With this in mind, you'll be working together but also competing with the other players to see who can be the best and making a post-apocalyptic paradise.

The game then becomes a balancing act as you try and generate the happiness that you need in order to win the game whilst also making sure you have enough resources and options which attract more Vault Dwellers to your halls beneath the ground.

As mentioned above, you'll also be threatened by bandits and mutants from the wasteland and that's where some of the clear-backed enemies come in, slipping into your base and disrupting your plans. This is a rather nifty component!

Fallout Shelter seems like a good game to translate over onto the tabletop so it will be fun seeing just how much depth is available across multiple playthroughs. Anything has to be better than playing Fallout 76 right?

Are you tempted by this game?

"Fallout Shelter seems like a good game to translate over onto the tabletop..."

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