Watch Out For Vector Wars, Launching On Kickstarter Soon!

July 4, 2019 by brennon

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Vector Wars is an awesome card game coming to Kickstarter soon from Eli Mamane. If you're a fan of quick and strategic tussles on the tabletop this one should be on your radar.

Vector Wars Box - Eli Mamane

Check Out The Kickstarter Preview Here

Set in a Sci-Fi world reminiscent of TRON you will be playing against an opponent for control of a board called The Grid. Each turn you'll be placing one of your nine characters face down onto the board so you have the information but your opponent does not. Cards can then be flipped to bring into play powerful abilities and do damage to your opponent, forcing them off The Grid as you struggle for domination.

Vector Wars Gameplay - Eli Mamane

You will be aiming to get as many victory points as you can by taking advantage of your opponent's weaknesses and playing to your own strengths. We were very lucky to be able to talk with Eli at the UK Games Expo this year and the interview below will give you a good guide as to the theory behind the game as well as a snippet of gameplay too.

The rules are also available for you to view here Online and also via a Download.

One of the cool things about the game is that each of the factions plays very differently, giving you a different experience each time you sit down to play. You will have to have quite the mastery over each of them if you're looking to secure a win.

If any of you have played Android: Netrunner before, Vector Wars has a hint of that in its game design. Not knowing what lies in front of you and having to make educated guesses as to where you can strike and where to hold back are a major part of the game.

Vector Wars Contents

You'll also find yourself perhaps bluffing too, bringing a little extra dose of strategy into the proceedings.

It's well worth checking this out when the game hits Kickstarter on July 9th.

Did you like the look of the game during our interview at UK Games Expo?

"It's well worth checking this out when the game hits Kickstarter on July 9th..."

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