Explore A Viking Landscape In New Edition Of Fjords On Kickstarter

April 2, 2021 by fcostin

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Do you remember Fjords by when it was released in 2005? It was a game where you, as a Viking Clan Leader, would tactically pillage your way into new horizons, in search of new lands across the coast of Norway. Well, Fjords is getting a makeover, and is on Kickstarter right now, smashing through its goals!

Fjords // Grail Games

The rules of this ever-popular tile-placing game have stayed the same, but the Kickstarter acts as a reprint containing all new artwork, and some new mini-expansions to grow your landscape further.

Fjords is a fantastic game for two people, as you will be required to go head to head with your clan-leader opponent and fight tactically to earn the best plot of land. Let's face it, the Vikings of Norway were not exactly a peaceful and zen bunch - so conflict was a given.

Fjords // Grail Games

I really like seeing successful games such as Fjords get a remaster, to modernize it and bring gamers who didn't get the chance to play it the first time around, and connect with it today in all its glory!

The game's initial humble goal was to reach £4,684, but with no surprise - the reprint has been a success. Smashing through its target and currently standing at £77,151 - and still climbing. You can opt for a retail edition, or for Kickstarter backers only, a Deluxe edition is available too.

The game has got 11 days left to go, so if you are keen on returning to the North - be sure to check out the Kickstarter.

What board games would you like to see get a modernized reprint? 

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