Warcradle Get Most Excellent With New Bill & Ted Preview

August 30, 2019 by brennon

Warcradle Studios has been delving into the creation of their new Bill & Ted boardgame with a spotlight which looks at some new models and a little bit of the gameplay behind it too. We've seen the two main characters but they have also now shown off the models for Elizabeth and Joanna.

Bill & Ted Elizabeth - Warcradle Studios

The characters are looking just as good as the duo of Bill & Ted. I really like that they have been sculpted and posed in that 'rockin' out' style which is very fitting for the Riff In Time game which is on the way.

Bill & Ted Joanna - Warcradle Studios

The core of Riff In Time is focused on a cooperative game where you will be trying to solve some conundrum which has caused time and space to rupture. As well as working on all sorts of miniatures for the game the team at Warcradle has also been playtesting it too making sure that it's going to be a fun experience for everyone.

Oh, and they also started sculpting up some of the awesome historical figures from Bill & Teds most excellent adventures. Check out the sculpts for Lincoln...

Bill & Ted Lincoln - Warcradle Studios

...as well as Socrates and Napoleon here too.

BIll & Ted Socrates - Warcradle Studios

Bill & Ted Napoleon - Warcradle Studios

It will be very interesting to see more about the game in the near future. I am interested in the cooperative gameplay element for Riff In Time and I also want to see the miniatures painted up as well to match their awesome silver screen characters.

Are you going to be following Riff In Time?

"I am interested in the cooperative gameplay element for Riff In Time..."

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