Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave & New Grot Gang!

September 16, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been talking about Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave quite a lot recently and if you're interested in this organised play/skirmish element of Age Of Sigmar you'll soon be able to dive into it with pre-orders of the core set going up this weekend.

Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave - Games Workshop

The new core set comes with two different sets of warbands to get you going. You can either take on the role of Grashrak’s Despoilers with their bestial savagery or the willowy but deadly Skaeth’s Wild Hunt who are protecting their glades from their incursions.

If you're interested in Warhammer Underworlds and Beastgrave plays then you can check out a new How To Play video from Becca Scott here...

As well as the two new warbands and all that offers for deckbuilding and the like there are also some new accessories waiting in the wings too. A part of themed dice for each faction will be available at launch for example.

Beastgrave Dice - Games Workshop

Plus, you'll be able to pick up 3D terrain elements which replace the cardboard tokens found in the base game for Beastgrave. As well as being a great way to make the game look better they could also have a dual-use in your regular games of Age Of Sigmar as objective markers.

Beastgrave Scenery Pack - Games Workshop

Warhammer Underworlds does feel like a good introductory point to dive into Age Of Sigmar. The mechanics are very different from the main game but they do give you a flavour of the different factions available, some nice unique models to paint and a very deep system which encourages you to tinker about and try new things with your deck. The organised play scene is also pretty big for this so you should be able to find games at your local store.

Grothood Of The Wolf

As well as the two main warbands included in the core set for Beastgrave, Games Workshop also previewed another one coming to battle them. Here we have Rippa's Snarlfangs, a new Mortal Realms take on the classic Wolf Riders from Warhammer Fantasy.

Rippas Snarlfangs - Games Workshop

This set of three miniatures looks pretty awesome and again throws another different warband into the mix. You'll no doubt find the set works as a lightning-fast pack making all sorts of hit and run attacks and whilst the goblins on top are going to be squishy they are accompanied by some snarling wolves who will take most of the punishment.

It's nice to see that they're looking back to these classic cavalry models from the Old World and giving them an updated look which fits into Age Of Sigmar.

Are you tempted to snap up Beastgrave and start playing Warhammer Underworlds?

"Are you tempted to snap up Beastgrave and start playing Warhammer Underworlds?"

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