A New Dungeon Saga Adventure Awaits – The Warlord Of Galahir Coming Soon

June 6, 2016 by brennon

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The newest adventure awaits you in Mantic Games' Dungeon Saga as they look ahead to the release of The Warlord Of Galahir. A new storyline, new heroes and a challenging quest awaits you...

 Dungeon Saga The Warlord of Galahir

In this particular quest...

"Join the battle to free the imprisoned merchant Pietor Grube from the clutches of foul Orcs, recover the treasures of Sarennia and destroy the tyrannical warlord despoiling the once idyllic forests of Galahir.

Do you have what it takes to restore peace and civility to the good people of Penn-Scarr?"

It sounds very cool indeed and introduces some new heroes with the likes of Kapoka the Gladewalker Druid and the Salamander named Hrrath joining the roster of heroes you can fight with.



I like that they've leaned towards the Forces of Nature with these heroes and as I said in the news story about the preview I think that Kapoka is certainly one of the best models they've made to date. Their work on the treemen and their kin is some of the best they've done in recent years.

Legendary Heroes

Legendary versions of these heroes are also available for you to pick up and I have to say they are no less epic...


I think Kapoka is still the coolest right?


Of course it wouldn't be a dungeon without some enemies. The Orcs are led by the dangerous looking Thundrak.


He is supported by Orcs, Goblins, Mawbeasts and even a Troll! I love these coloured plastics and it's neat to see them provide you with some fascinatingly well detailed miniatures to boost your collection to a new level. You're going to have fun painting these.

Dungeon Saga Green Rage Miniatures Set

This seems like a great excuse to leap back into the world of Dungeon Saga, especially since the Adventurer's Companion, The Return of Valandor and Infernal Crypts are also available right now on their webstore allowing you to get a whole bunch of new content if you missed out the first time.

Will you be taking on this quest?

"I think that Kapoka is certainly one of the best models they've made to date..."

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"The Orcs are led by the dangerous looking Thundrak..."

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