Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules – Privateer Press Interviewed!

April 23, 2016 by lloyd

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XXWelcome to The Weekender after our big Salute Live Blog. We're all still a bit shattered right now but we're ready to get stuck into some more hobby with you guys this weekend.

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules - Privateer Press Interviewed!

Competition Winners

We have a whole bunch of winners to announce. Firstly, for the Sea Queen from Paranoid Miniatures

Marine101, Maytresix, Minigiant, Horus500, jahatch28

...and secondly for the Flames Of War Pacific Live Blog where you won Signed Gung Ho & Banzai! Books

Andersb80, Zacman22, Smitty14, Lordtothe, Ranger, Ishivia, Basilbrush

If you see your name here make sure to Claim Your Prize and we'll get these goodies winging their way out to you.

World Of Darkness Primer Article

Ben really wanted to draw attention back to an article by Chris Handley that went out last week about The World of Darkness.

This is a really great primer for anyone interested in the dark and horror filled role-playing game so give it a look.

News Time

It's time to dive into some news from this week...

..what caught your eye?

Warmachine & Hordes MK III Interview!

With the BIG news that Warmachine & Hordes are going to be switching over to a new edition of the rules with a revamped way of doing things in terms of their Battlegroup Boxes we had to have a chat with Privateer Press.

William Shick sat down for a chat about the changes they've been making and where it all started.

The Best Of Salute 2016

We couldn't go a Weekender without mentioning Salute. It was an amazing time and we talk about some of the awesome stuff that we saw and did over that mental day in London.


What Kickstarters are up and running?

Remember to check out our big interview with Paranoid Miniatures about Mythos HERE.

What will you be backing?

Join us tomorrow for The Weekender XLBS with a Free Backstage Trial

Have a great weekend!

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