Weekender: Bolt Action Desert War 101 & An Unexpected Journey!

August 25, 2018 by dracs

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We welcome you to a jam-packed version of the Weekender where we're learning a LOT more about the Desert War which will be the focus of our Bolt Action Boot Camp at the end of September.

Weekender: Bolt Action Desert War 101 & An Unexpected Journey!

As well as that we've got lots of exciting news and more to explore from this week so strap in and comment on what has got YOU excited from the tabletop world over the last few days.


Going back to the thoughts on the Bolt Action Boot Camp, you can get up to date with everything you need to know on The Desert War in a re-run of the article series by Oriskany, our Historical Editor.

We're also running into the final week of our Terrain Challenge for this year. Make sure to check out the projects so far HERE and maybe take on Justin's idea for a smashed up wreckage yard.

Oh, and here's the video that Warren was talking about concerning a certain astronaut.

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Unboxing

Make sure to check back later today (11am BST) as we've got an unboxing of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and the Battle Of Pelennor Fields set.

Sam also gives us a few little morsels of information on the new version of the rules and what you get in the set.


We take a peek at some of the news from this week...

  • Otherworld Dragons - Will you be snapping up some of these old-school Dragons?
  • Hagglethorn Hollow - Check out this terrain which will be coming to Kickstarter in the near future
  • Necrontyr Cities - Grab some of the STL Files from these folks for making an alien world
  • Druids Ahoy - Lookout Games talk about their new expansion for Isle Of Skye

...what caught your eye from the news?

Bolt Action Desert War 101

We get stuck into a big discussion with Oriskany, our Historical Editor, about The Desert War and preparing for this epic conflict that will be played out on the tabletop during our Boot Camp at the end of September.

Make sure to check out the re-run of his article series HERE which introduces you to this theatre of war.


Delve into some awesome projects today from the realm of Kickstarter

Will you be checking out either of these projects for yourself?


We have the winner to announce from our Drowned Earth competition last week. If you heard your name prepare to Claim Your Prize.

We will then get the prize sent out to you so you can enjoy this wonderful game.

Have a great weekend of gaming fun!

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