Weekender: The Dawn Of Full Colour Digital Printed Terrain?

June 6, 2015 by warzan

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We're back with The Weekender after another busy week of getting things ready for the impending Boot Camp and more. However, we've also had time to delve into other parts of the hobby!

Weekender: The Dawn Of Full Colour Digital Printed Terrain?

The Week In Gaming

There has been an explosion of awesome stuff in the way of Alessio Cavatore getting both his Waterloo - Quelle Affaire project funded and Terminator Genisys being officially available to buy.

Justin has also got his head sculpts sent through from Prodos Games and TemplarsCrusade01 has challenged Warren!

Pre-Painted Terrain

One of the big things we received this week was a package from PlastCraft showing off their utterly amazing new pre-painted terrain.

We discuss some of the benefits of the material and where we think the industry could go with products like these.

Mad Max Update

The guys have also started having fun dreaming up cool Mad Max vehicles and digging out some Micro Machines in 20mm scale. Maybe we should stage a Game Designer Challenge for the rules?

We also take a look at some superb projects being worked on by community member robsaunders which you can follow HERE.

Terminator Genisys

Last but not least we had a sit down chat with Alessio Cavatore to talk about the Terminator Genisys game by River Horse and distributed by Warlord Games.

There's plenty of hobby material to dive into too with a world like this.

Have a great weekend!

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