Weekender: Duck Me, Those Are Some Nice Gauls!

August 24, 2019 by crew

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We're getting together for another deep dive into the world of tabletop awesomeness as we look at some big talking points from the past week or so on The Weekender.

Weekender: Duck Me, Those Are Some Nice Gauls!

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Make sure to join in with the discussion down below in the comments and tell us what you think of everything we've been talking about.

Grab Your Flames Of War Hobby League Kit

First up, we're showing off what is included as part of the Hobby League Kit from Battlefront for Flames Of War. As well as diving into it we're also putting together a little bonus from Store.OnTableTop.

Weekender: Duck Me, Those Are Some Nice Gauls!

If you get stuck into a £80 order over on the store and include some Flames Of War goodies then you will be able to include code...


...and win yourself 1 of 5 Hobby League kits. So, if you want to get stuck into this with your friends, a club or store make sure to head on over to the webstore.

News & Chat

As well as that goodness we're also looking at lots of epic news from the week.

  • Blackstone Fortress: Escalation - Take new characters on a brand new Warhammer Quest adventure
  • The Tithe - A teaser of what is to come for Age Of Sigmar by Games Workshop
  • D-Day Germans - Pre-orders are now available for the Late-War Germans in Flames Of War
  • The Dweghom - A mighty Dwarven army is on the way for the world of Conquest
  • Monsterpocalypse Apes - Check out an awesome looking band of ape monsters for this kaiju battler
  • Naked Gauls! - Check out some new Gauls for SPQR plus some mercenaries for your failing forces
  • Creating Games - Make sure you sign up to Needy Cat Games' courses if you want to dive in
  • Vanguard Undead - A new Undead force has been summoned forth by Mantic Games

Make sure to let us know what you think about the news we've covered this week.


Get stuck into some fundraisers from this week...

  • DuckQuest - Are you going to tell a new Duck Tale with this Kickstarter?
  • Dragon Hunters - Will you be able to take down the dragon or burn alive?
  • Sleeping Gods - A brand new and stunningly illustrated adventure from Red Raven Games.

What do you make of these projects?

Have a great weekend!

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