The Weekender: Warzone Resurrection!

March 30, 2013 by brennon

We're back for another Weekender on International Tabletop Day to talk with Mark from Prodos about the game Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection that is currently running an extremely successful campaign on Kickstarter! We also have an important question for you Backstagers later on so keep an eye out for XLBS...


Mutant Chronicles: Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter

Warzone Ressurection

As well as Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection we also have the Acthung! Cthulhu characters that will be making an appearance here at Tabletop Day using the PDQ Rules...

Kamila Opletal
A charismatic Czechoslovakian finishing her doctorate in Archaeoastronomy at Cambridge University. As a silver medallist of the Czechoslovakian women's gymnastics team, during the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin and been able to speak both English & German,MI6 (British Secret Intelligence Service) enlisted her. She accepted, after her brother's death by the Nazis during the student riots of October 1939, in Prague.She excelled in all aspects of her MI6 training.
Fabio Vollono (Youtube)

Lawrence McCarty

Originally a soldier of the British SAS in Africa, he now works as a Chaplain for the British Army. Deeply scarred by the events in Libya when a pack of what seemed like hairless dogs (Hounds of Tindalos) ambushed and killed his whole squad. Now a man of faith, he is determined to keep all of his unit alive for fear of being alone again. Some say he was driven half-mad from Libya. Even if it's true, this man is the most fearless human being alive and will fight fervently.

Iibraham Harker (Youtube)

Dr. Josef Vygotsky

Attaché to the Paranormal Investigations Soviet and devout card-carrying member of the Communist Party. Won plaudits from Lenin himself for his zealotry in disproving Catholic dogma immediately after the Bolshevik revolution. Although his brief is to liaise with Allied forces when investigating the supernatural, Dr Vygotsky sees his personal mission as one of enforced enlightenment...

TheGreensideProject (Youtube)

Giles Haversham

Owner of a successful Import/Export business that dons his trilby and overcoat, smokes a pack a day from his silver cigarette case which he keeps next to his trusty pistol. Currently smuggling supplies for the allies among his regular cargo shipments to the European mainland and North Africa.

Dean Ellis (Youtube)

Doctor Zhao “Jim” Matsu

3rd generation Japanese American. Linguist under the OSS prior to Pearl Harbor. Assigned to the european front due to make things easier, and due to it being the source of most of the languages he speaks, combined with a hobby interest in photography. Due to various issues certain higher ups tend to have with his heritage, he gets dumped into things that would normally be considered far stranger than would normally be taken seriously.

sotf (Beasts of War)

Marilyn Baxter

Marilyn was a book-worm, stuck in the back of a library cataloging donations in Chicago. While sorting through a generous estate donation, she found a journal belonging to the recently deceased Sir M. Hatterton which chronicled an unpublished discovery located off the coast of France. Dreaming of leading the life of a dime-store novel heroine, she packed her hat and her mother’s revolver in search of clues to a forgotten mystery.

beetle (Beasts of War)

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