Weta Relaunching District 9 Board Game September 4th!

September 3, 2019 by brennon

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Weta Workshop has announced that District 9: The Board Game is going to be coming back to Kickstarter soon with a lot of changes and tweaks that were asked for by the community. Keep an eye out on September 4th!

District 9 Board Game - Weta Workshop

Taking six months to go back to the ground level with the game and work it back up into a product they felt happy with, the team have worked with Trishula Entertainment in order to implement a lot of the changes asked for by backers and others last time around.

One of the big things they have added into the new version of the game is a lot more asymmetry. Both the Prawn and Human factions have different strengths and weaknesses providing you with more options for replayability as you get stuck into repeat sessions.

The Kickstarter campaign will also relaunch with the same array of awesome miniatures representing the different factions and lots of in-world designed add-ons and stretch goals to help make the game feel that little more special. You can see some of the miniatures for the game painted up here...

District 9 Miniatures #1 - Weta Workshop

This shows off some very nice characters in more detail than you'd normally get with a board game. They seem to put a lot of work into getting these original design by Gary Hunt looking spiffing for the new campaign.

District 9 Miniatures #2 - Weta Workshop

We played the game back during the original launch and found the core mechanics to be pretty good but it's nice to see that there has been more added in to help make it replayable and diverse.

Do you reckon you'll be backing once you've had a look at the changes?

"Do you reckon you'll be backing once you've had a look at the changes?"

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