Wild Assent Rises Once More As New Campaign Is Announced

May 4, 2021 by avernos

Lazy Squire Games have announced a new campaign that is upcoming for Wild Assent on Gamefound. Lavon Rising is being launched on the 28th June and will bring a whole new expansion to the world of Silvestrem, as well as giving people a chance to pick up the game if they missed the Kickstarter back in 2018.

Lavon Rising Lazy Squire Games

Lavon Rising // Lazy Squire Games

Wild Assent is a 1-4 player miniatures board game with two modes of gameplay, player-versus-player and solo/cooperative modes.

Berlyne, Fani, Zaxos, and Illithena

Berlyne, Fani, Zaxos, and Illithena // Wild Assent

Regardless of the mode you choose, Wild Assent offers tactical and entertaining combat combined with strategic and interesting decisions to make before the miniatures even hit the board.

The Arena

Battle your opponents in the gladiatorial arenas of the Silverstream in Wild Assent’s skirmish-style Arena mode.  To play in the Arena you build a Troupe drafting in Assents, Creatures and Elite Mercenaries and once you have your Troupes it is time to decide on the game to play.  There are three different styles of arena games for 2-4 players.

The simplest of these is the Deathmatch where you need to kill your opponent's Assent, their hero, and is suggested to new players to learn how the Arena works.

Last Man Standing is exactly as it sounds all of your opponent's Troupe has to be polished off, Assent and creatures and will give you a harder time and longer game to play through.

Lavon Rising Creatures Lazy Squire Games

Lavon Rising Creatures // Lazy Squire Games

Lastly, there is the Blood Bounty, all of the Troupe members are allocated a value for victory points and the first to reach a certain number is the victor. This allows you to vary the number needed to win so you can tailor the game length to the time you have available.

The Hunt

The second game mode is the Hunt. Where your Assents must brave the Wilds, by yourself or with friends, fighting not just for survival, but to keep your expedition alive in the campaign-based Hunt mode.

In the PVE mode your games take on a very different feel, you have two phases per game turn, a Season, to build up your camp and to hunt. In the Encounter phase, your Assents move out into the wilds and attempt to kill or capture the creatures your scouts have managed to track down. Capturing creatures can be tricky but in doing so you gain the ability to sell them in town to further finance your expedition. Killing the creatures can sometimes provide you with components for crafting.

The Encampment phase offers a host of actions for the party to take, scouting for the next encounter, recruiting civilians to work in your camp, building and upgrading areas in your camp, are among the actions you can take.

As you can see this gives a wealth of options for the party to decide on and I always feel that more choices make a far more engaging game for all the players, if nothing is an auto-include and you never know what is coming next then every decision has an impact.

Again like the Arena, the Hunt has several modes of play. A simple survival game where all you need to do is survive ten seasons in the Wilds, and this is suggested for beginners to learn the game. There is also a story-driven campaign with unique scenarios and gated unlocks to offer up a different experience to the players.

There are even hard mode rule changes for people who have braved the wilds on more than one occasion.

Lavon Rising Freebie Lazy Squire Games

Lavon Rising // Lazy Squire Games

The new campaign is going to be on Gamefound and the preview is up right now. If you follow the preview the monstrously magnificent beast above will be including in your pledge for free.

Lazy Squire Games are using the campaign to launch a new story-driven campaign, Lavon Rising, with diverging storylines rather than a straight campaign which should allow a lot of replayability for players wanting to find out how other storylines end. They are also changing from Ultracast resin, hopefully to the Stormsunder plastic but we shall see, and over the past few years the company has made a lot of new contacts within the industry allowing them to offer the game in a host of languages options.

The sheer variety of gameplay options that Lazy Squire have managed to cram into one box has to be seen to be believed. We already have one gameplay video on the website and are working on some more to show off both versions of the game but I have to say I'm already very impressed with the quality of the components and the design of the game itself. The new concepts for the expansion miniatures look amazing and I love the idea of the branching pathway campaign to change it up from the previous expansion and core game, adding yet another layer to the game.

Will you be rising into the Wilds?

"your Assents must brave the Wilds, by yourself or with friends, fighting not just for survival, but to keep your expedition alive in the campaign-based Hunt"

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