Build A Woodland Haven In Tiny Towns

November 29, 2018 by cassn

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The forest is a big and scary world for a little woodland creature, so you have decided to develop a tiny town for you and your tiny friends to exist without fear from predators. In Tiny Towns, you work to develop your teeny township from wild woodland to civilized society!


However, you cannot afford to refuse the resources offered to you or to let the little space you have cultivated become cluttered with unused materials. Therefore, as the architect of this new home, you must use your resources strategically to create the top tiny town around!


In Tiny Towns, players construct their towns on a 4x4 grid, placing resource cubes in specific layouts to represent buildings. Completed buildings provide unique victory points. On each turn, the "Master Builder" of that round will decide which resource is going to be produced, and each player will receive one of that resource.


Players decided where to place their resource on their grid based on the construction cards in play. When one player cannot place any more resources or construct any further buildings, the game is complete and all squares without completed buildings are deducted from the VP total. The player with the most VP has succeeded in creating a terrific, thriving tiny town for their woodland friends!


Tiny Towns a relatively quick (45-60 minutes) and simple area management game designed for 1-6 players. It is expected for release early in the second quarter of 2019. Until then, tiny woodland creatures can scuttle over the Alderac website for more information.

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"In Tiny Towns, you work to develop your teeny township from wild woodland to civilized society!"

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