Zero Year Batman & Mr Freeze Coming To Monolith’s Board Game

February 20, 2018 by brennon

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Monolith has shown off some more previews for the alternative characters and villains you'll be able to play as in Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. The first of these is Zero Year Batman...

Batman (Zero Year) - Monolith

This version of Batman represents Bruce Wayne during his early years as the Dark Knight of Gotham City. He was still finding his feet as a vigilante at this point and he also had quite the run-in with The Riddler who took control of Gotham during this period too.

It's nice to see them drawing on so many different incarnations of Batman for this game to mix things up when it comes to the visuals and gameplay.

Ice To Meet You

Monolith also showed off one of the iconic villains from the Batman Rogue Gallery with Mr Freeze.

Mr Freeze - Monolith

Mr Freeze isn't exactly the nicest man, hence the fact that he's a villain, but he always seemed to be one of the more interesting of Batman's foes. His reasoning for becoming who he was and the moments that broke him and turned him towards a life of crime were always rather fascinating.

They were played out very well in the Arkham video games too. We also have the miniature for this preview as well!

Mr Freeze (Model) - Monolith

No doubt he will be quite the cool customer when you engage him in battle. It will take a lot to crack through his icy demeanour before you bring him down in a hail of blows.

What do you make of the new previews?

"No doubt he will be quite the cool customer when you engage him in battle..."

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