Z-Man Celebrate Pandemic’s 10th Anniversary

July 20, 2018 by dracs

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Pandemic, the popular co-op game where you fight to save humanity from the spread of disease, has turned ten this year, and to celebrate Z-Man are bringing out a special Anniversary Edition.

This new edition comes in a special metal first aid kit box, including special gaskets to allow players to mount it on their walls should they desire.

To match with the new vintage style case, the game's art has been reworked to fit, changing the colour palette and art style, making them look as though they come from an antique print shop.

There will also be wooden pieces, harking back to the game's first edition.

Perhaps most exciting for gaming collectors is the inclusion of a series of sculpts for each of the player characters.

Each of the figures is sculpted to match with their 2nd edition character designs, so we see that this really is a celebration of the base game's history.

On top of all this, the board is now larger, the role cards have been turned into ID badges, complete with fingerprints and profiles, and there are also custom screen-printed Petri dishes, a nice addition that I think first appeared in one of the expansions.

All in all, this makes for an impressive collector's piece, and perhaps the definitive version of the base game everyone first started playing ten years ago.

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