Z-Man Help You Build The Great City Of Rome In A Day

October 10, 2018 by brennon

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Z-Man Games are hear to banish the myth that Rome can't be built in a day. In fact, they are going to be building The Great City Of Rome in a little over an hour.

The Great City Of Rome - Z-Man Games

The Great City of Rome is a game for two to four players which has you becoming the architects of one of the greatest cities in the Ancient world. Each turn you will reveal a series of building cards as well as a unique action strip which gives you the various options available for that game round.

The Great City Of Rome Components - Z-Man Games

Once you have claimed the different actions available on the strip you will then begin to draft cards and play them into your very limited four-by-four grid on the tabletop. One of the neat features is that you receive more resources the further away from the golden Emperor pawn you are BUT you will take actions later in the turn than your competition.

You will have to balance being able to choose your cards and act quickly with the need for vital building resources.

As with many games of this ilk, you will be trying to create the most optimal section of Rome, building up your grid with building cards which compliment each other and grant you extra bonuses.

The game will be available in early 2019 and hopefully, we'll get a peek at it sooner rather than later!

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"In fact, they are going to be building The Great City Of Rome in a little over an hour..."

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