Zoats Return In Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress This Weekend

March 23, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop continues to explore the depths of the Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress with a new expansion called The Deadly Alliance. It also features a classic grimdark creature, the mighty Zoat!

The Deadly Alliance - Games Workshop

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Inside this set, you'll find a standalone quest which will have your explorers diving into a high-risk but high-reward endeavour. You are seeking to put an end to a strange phenomenon called the Seethe. As well as all of the tokens, tiles and such that you need to play the quest you'll also find the Zoat who will also come with full rules for being used in Warhammer 40,000 too.

This sounds like a lot of fun and it's great to see some more classic creatures getting updated and added back into the world of Warhammer 40,000. Blackstone Fortress and Necromunda seem to be good places for Games Workshop to do this, dropping them in to give a glimpse into the wider grimdark world!

The Archivist - Games Workshop

This Zoat, known as The Archivist, has given free rein for your team of explorers to go plundering in its depths however he requests that you help him recover the remnants of an ancient Zoat spacecraft. So, are you going to take up the task?

Could you see yourself snapping up this set and painting up a big ol' Zoat!

"Could you see yourself snapping up this set and painting up a big ol' Zoat!"

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