US Airborne Support Lands From Warlord For Bolt Action

January 29, 2018 by brennon

Warlord Games has some new releases for those looking to bulk out their US Airborne force on the tabletop in Bolt Action. With a new vehicular piece and some special weapons you open up more options for your force.

US Airborne Jeep - Bolt Action

The Jeep would be the go-to piece of equipment for the US Airborne as they were trying to get around. This was one hell of a hardy piece in the war, and it's hardy on the tabletop too. Tasked with recon missions and helping you make those dashes towards objectives, this could be a neat addition to your force.

Heavy Firepower

When it comes to suppression and making sure the Germans cower, you've also got the US Airborne 57mm Anti-Tank Gun which will put a hole in an advancing tank with ease.

US Airborne 57mm Anti-Tank Gun - Bolt Action

The gun used to have armour piercing rounds, and it was effective, although later during the war in 1944 onwards you could get your hands on high explosive rounds instead which could be used against some of the more heavily armoured German tanks.

You could also use the US Airborne 75mm Light Artillery piece to drop shots on your enemies from afar.

US Airborne 75mm Light Artillery - Bolt Action

Much like with the 75mm Anti-Tank Gun, this Light Artillery piece was able to be broken down and shipped around decidedly easier than others of their ilk. They made the perfect kit for the Airborne, therefore, constantly on the move and relocating to deal with increasing threats.

Stolen Weapons

The Airborne would also sometimes find themselves stuck behind enemy lines or cut off from support. That's where they'd have to discard their standard issue weapons and make use of the German ones instead.

US Airborne With Looted Weapons - Bolt Action

These soldiers with Looted Weapons have access to some of the German's best weapons like the MP 40 and the STG 44 as well. Often times, US soldiers were told to bring back Panzerfausts to add to their arsenal as they were incredibly useful.

Will you be picking these up?

"US soldiers were told to bring back Panzerfausts to add to their arsenal as they were incredibly useful..."

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