The Artillery Comes Rolling In For Bolt Action From Warlord

October 19, 2015 by stvitusdancern

If you have been around any sort of military, then you would know that it is expected of the infantryman to be able to carry almost their body weight in equipment. However, there are some items that this is either extremely difficult or near to impossible. ( I will never say never), take the 81 mm mortar.

Mortar Carrier

She is a beast, and heavy to boot! The base plate alone on this monster weights in at approximately 30lbs, add in the tube, mount and sight along with the ammunition to make it effective and you become immobile rather quickly.

Mortar Carrier #1

During WWII the US Army came up with a solution to have these hand little artillery pieces become a little more practical and mobile. They mounted them into the M3 Halftrack to make them a go anywhere, set up, fire and be on the move again as quickly as the battlefront moves.

Mortar Carrier #2

Now, Warlord Games has released a lovely model, the M21 Mortar Carrier that gives a nicely detailed representation of how this vehicle was set up wit the tube and a pintle mounted HMG. It comes with a crew of three and external stores that adds some nice details to the vehicle.

A couple of these would add so other options for a mechanized company and be able to keep up with the "big" push towards Berlin and the end of the war!

Can you keep up with the troops?

"She is a beast, and heavy to boot!"

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