BANZAI!!! It’s the Bolt Action Japanese

August 5, 2011 by beerogre

Coming soon from Warlord Games... the Japanese Army for Bolt Action!

Warlord have really been pushing forward the production on their Bolt Action range. With their recent relaunch of their Polish WW2 forces and now a forthcoming line in Japanese, they are set to corner the market on top quality, 28mm WW2 historical miniatures.

The army box for the Japanese forces will contain...

  • A complete Command group
  • A Medium Machine gun team
  • Knee Mortars
  • Riflemen
  • Full colour devotional rifle banners and battle flags

If you're interested in getting your hand on this box on the day it hits the shelves, then you can pre-order a copy from Warlord Games by clicking the box art below.

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