There’s a new Bolt Action Early Production Tiger I

July 29, 2010 by lloyd

If your into your WW2 gaming then you will be more than pleased with the latest addition to the Bolt Action range from Warlord Games.

Bolt Action Early Production Tiger 1
First if you haven’t seen the range it’s bloody great, it’s like a 28mm FOW and at the moment there’s no less than 750 miniatures and more than 50 vehicles, they just wont stop adding to it. Check out the factions, there’s Nein! in total:

British & Canadians

So what about the Tiger I here you cry! Well it’s nice, really nice, from the pictures it looks like a good representations of the real thing as produced in 1942 with its smoke launchers and the taller commander’s cupola a distinctive feature of the early production Tigers. So if you want to reenact your own Operation Barbarossa here’s the Tiger to do it with.

This is a well priced kit made from metal and resin. Right now I can see John drooling on his keyboard, he was very impressed with the quality of the Sd.Kfz 251/1D Hanomag Halftrack (man that’s a mouthful) click here for an unboxing of it. So we look forward to getting our hands on this to make a video for you guys.

Check it out on the Warlord Games website and here’s a link to it in there store.

BoW Lloyd.

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