Take Bolt Action to the Eastern Front With Ostfront

January 2, 2015 by dracs

Ostfront: Barbarossa to Berlin, the next theatre of war supplement for Bolt Action, has gone up for pre-release from Warlord Games, letting you take your WWII tabletop battles to the bitter struggles on the Eastern Front.


This new book brings all the details to help recreate the conflicts between the Germans and the Soviets, as Operation Barbarossa begins its drive towards Moscow. The book details various important figures and battles that characterise this period of the war, with scenarios bringing you new opportunities for everything from tank battles, like the one at Kursk, to the urban warfare of Stalingrad.

As with all of Warlord's gaming books, a special miniature will accompany Ostfront. This time we get Sergeant Steiner, a miniature based upon the character from the film Cross of Iron.

Cross of Iron

Do you plan to pick this supplement up and recreate this brutal part of the war?


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