New Bolt Action Rules On the Horizon!

June 27, 2012 by brennon

If you're a fan of historical gaming in the European theatre of War during World War II then Warlord Games will have you sorted out soon enough. The Bolt Action rules are just around the corner...

Bolt Action Rulebook Cover

Bolt Action Rulebook Spread

The new rules will make playing World War II games all that more interesting and it will be good to have a proper flick through the book and uncover the gems. As well as the new rulebook coming soon Warlord are continuing their trend of bringing out a special model for the range.

The German soldier with the MP40 on the cover will be taking this accolade and if you place an order for the book through the Warlord website then you will be able to get him for free!

Are you excited for the future of Bolt Action?

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