Bolt Action Gets a Set of Germans to Guard the Chateau

January 25, 2015 by dracs

Warlord Games have released a set of four characterful Bolt Action Germans who are perfect to set Guarding the Chateau.

Guarding the Chateau

These four figures look as though they have just stepped right out of a classic war movie. The set includes a guard enjoying a quiet smoke, a scientist carrying top secret documents, a gestapo and a Feldgendarme military police, carefully checking someone's papers.

This set might not be what you need for a full scale battle of Bolt Action, but they are perfect for creating a narrative scenario. Perhaps the allies must sneak past the guards and extract the scientist? They would just as easily lend themselves to some of the pulp scenarios of 7TV as well.

Tell us the uses you can come up with for this Guarding the Chateau set.

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