Bolt Action’s Finnish Forces Roll Out The Armour

February 13, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games are bolstering the Bolt Action Finnish forces with a selection of Specialist Weapons for dealing with the enemy and a rather chunky looking T-26E Tank that will help support your infantry.

Finnish Panzerschreck & Anti-Tank Rifle Team

Finnish Medium Mortar Team

First up we have the specialist weapons with a Panzerschreck and Anti-Tank Rifle team making sure the enemy armour can't move without getting a shot in the hull. For the infantry and dealing with those troublesome snipers we also have the Mortar Team which can make force dug in troops to scarper or face a direct hit from a shell.

Finnish T-26E With 45mm Gun

Rolling in to help on the armoured front we have the Finnish T-26E with a 45mm gun mounted on the top. It's quite the odd looking tank but pretty chunky and looks like it could handle itself in a fight.

The reason behind that is that the tanks themselves were taken and modified so while the chassis looks coherent the turret stands out a bit.

Are you playing as the daring Finns?

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