Bolt Action’s Pegasus Bridge Is Out Now!

October 7, 2013 by brennon

If you're interested in the history and skirmish of Pegasus Bridge then you need to wait no longer! Well, you need to wait for it to be delivered but here it is. Warlord Games' Bolt Action welcomes this new set that looks epic!

Pegasus Bridge Cover

Pegasus Bridge Contents

In the box you get...

  • Laser-cut Bridge
  • Laser-cut Cafe Gondres
  • Resin Gun Pit
  • Metal 5cm KwK 39 anti-tank gun and 3 crew
  • Laser-cut Pillbox
  • Metal German MG42 MMG team
  • 2 laser-cut telegraph poles (on the Cafe sheets)
  • 20 plastic German Infantry and plastic bases
  • Major John Howard and plastic base (exclusive new model)
  • 10 man British Airborne squad and plastic bases
  • 2-man PIAT team and plastic bases
  • Scenario booklet
  • Decal sheets for the Paras and Heer

Now that sounds like an epic battle to get you excited about the game or revitalised for it! I know that I have been watching some people play games at our local club and my God this game looks fun. That and our play through with Alessio and Andy from Warlord have sparked off the shiny syndrome in me.

Ham & Jam Pegasus Bridge Collectors Edition

If you are feeling like you'd like a bit more and have the cash to spare then how about the Ham & Jam Collector's Edition of the Pegasus Bridge set? Now that is one massive additional haul.

Which one are you going for?

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