Bring on the Might of the Brits With Warlord’s New Platoon Deal

April 21, 2013 by dracs

Warlord have a new deal up to help you build up the armoured might of the Brits in Bolt Action. Fancy fielding a British Armoured Platoon?

British Armoured Platoon

This Platoon deal provides you with 1000 points worth of minis to use in your games of Bolt Action:

1) Cromwell (Command Vehicle) – 220pts

2) Cromwell – 195pts

3) Firefly – 305pts

4) Infantry Section (NCO+9 men, SMG, Bren) – 123pts riding in a…

5) Inexperienced M5 Halftrack – 79pts

6) Light Mortar Team – 35pts riding on a

7) Jeep – 21pts

8 ) Artillery Forward Observer – Free

9) Jeep – 21pts

This should provide you with a relatively fast moving and hard hitting force, with jeeps and trucks to deliver your infantry while your tanks deal out the damage and soak up the fire power.

Do any of you think you might get into Bolt Action with this force?

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