The Chindit Force Grows With New Bolt Action Releases

October 9, 2017 by brennon

If Chindits are your bag (as all the hip kids say right?) then some new releases from Warlord Games might be what you need to bolster your Bolt Action force.

Chindit HQ

It seems like building up a bigger force of Chindits is going to be a lot easier now. One of the focuses I really liked was on a selection of interesting characters like the ones you get in the HQ pack above. Additionally, you can also see a similar level of character developing in their other set.

Chindit Characters

These kinds of sets focus your attention on those heroic actions on the tabletop where your characters rally the troops and get them stuck into the fighting to secure that last objective on the field. You're certainly not starved of cool things to paint if you collect Chindits it seems.

Support Weapons

As well as the characters a selection of support weapons is also now available from Warlord including the Mortar Team...

Chindit Mortar Team

...and the Medium Machine Gun team. Both of these are mainstays of any force and great for harassing enemy infantry.

Chindit MMG Team

While I like the idea of them all being on one base as a scenic piece I'm still one of those people who prefer to have the team separate from the gun so that you can take them off as they take casualties. It just adds a bit more to the realism for me.

Last but not least, Warlord Games collect together pretty much all of this and more into their Chindit Army if you'd like to just jump right in.

Chindit Force

It's always nice to see us being able to branch out from the common conflicts of World War II and focus on the other armies of the period rather than just the forces that clashed in Europe.

What do you think of a new Chindit force?

"You're certainly not starved of cool things to paint if you collect Chindits it seems..."

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