A Cromwell and Panzer Join in Plastic Bolt Action Battle

July 30, 2014 by dracs

Warlord Games have put out previews of a couple of new plastic tanks that will be coming out later this year to get you ready for the Tank Wars.

First up, the Germans will be getting the Panzer IV, described by Warlord as the workhorse of German armoured formations.

Panzer IV

There are three assembly options in this kit; players can either build the Panzer with a short-barreled F2, or the long-barreled G. Alternatively, they can take the H with those distinctive schürzen side skirts.  Whatever you may choose to model it with, the Panzer IV will no doubt be a welcome sight for any German tank commander.

The Allies aren't undefended though as the first test shots have appeared for the new British Cromwell Cruiser.

Cromwell Cruiser Tank

The Cromwell tanks were reportedly quite fast, meaning you will be able to bring these mechanical menaces to wherever they're needed.

If you can't wait for these though don't worry as the Panther Ausf. A will be coming out next week and Warlord have just put out a preview of its box art.

Panther Ausf. A

Which of these three tanks do you think is best? Can you tell us anything more about each of them?

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