Dig In With Anti-Tank Terrain For Warlord’s Bolt Action

August 27, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games know that sometimes you need to control where tanks are able to go. In game terms it's great to create some asymmetry and in reality these kind of Anti-Tank Obstacles were all over the place. Pick these up for Bolt Action!

Anti-Tank Obstacles (Box)

Anti-Tank Obstacles

The box comes with a whole load of "Dragons Teeth" as well as sections of barbed wire that are interlaced with tank traps for some added trouble in untangling the mess. It wouldn't only have been tanks that had trouble with this kind of terrain either as infantry could get bogged down trying to clear the way for armour.

The set lays the way for some interesting scenarios. Maybe you have a unit of American troops with Engineers trying to clear the way for their tanks to get deeper into a German held village. Sounds fun!

What do you think about the set?

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