The Eagle Has Landed For Bolt Action From Warlord

September 10, 2015 by stvitusdancern

So how many of you remember , The Eagle Has Landed? I am not talking about the famous statement made due to Apollo 11 landing on the moon, but the movie starring Michael Caine and Donald Sutherland.

In the movie elite German Fallschirmjäger are to parachute into England and pose as Polish paratroopers on manouvers in the English countryside with the intent to capture Winston Churchill and bringing him back to Germany in hopes of swinging the war Germany's way.




Needles to say, things go wrong for the Germans and their confederates and a local US Army unit is alerted and a battle is commenced in the village and the Germans do not fulfill their mission.

Now you can bring this movie to the tabletop with a scenery pack from Warlord Games to be used in Bolt Action. They even have a whole set with miniatures to play out the battle in the movie. The entire set would look like this:

  • Oberst Steiner
  • 3x metal Fallschirmjӓger with looted weapons
  • 7x metal Polish Airbourne
  • 6x new plastic Fallschirmjӓger
  • 20x US infantry plastic
  • US Ranger decal sheet
  • US Officer
  • US Radio operator
  • 2x US Jeeps with crew
  • US M3 plastic halftrack
  • Plastic Stone Walls
  • 4Ground Grave Stones
  • Sarissa Watermill
  • Sarissa Old English Church

What a terrific little set and what a wonderful idea to model this after a movie with this small battle. This would make a wonderful display piece for any game club event or bigger events. such as Salute. You know those Dad's Army miniatures you have sitting on your shelf, well now you have a scenario you can use with them.

I am definitely going to get in on this as this movie brings back memories of watching it with my Dad when I was younger. Yes, I know it has been out for a couple of weeks, but I just found it while doing research for other material. I cannot wait to build a table for this set!

Have you seen The Eagle has Landed? Would this make a good game?

"This would make a wonderful display piece for any game club event or bigger events. such as Salute."

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