Early War Germans & Buildings to Blow up from Warlord

February 18, 2012 by brennon

Heavy weaponry today from Warlord Games as they release some more models for their Bolt Action range. Check out the Early War Germans and their new play thing below...

Early War German 5cm Granatenwerfer

As well as the new Granatenwerfer kit you can have something to use as target practise with the release of the Ruined Farmhouse set as well this weekend. You can see some painted previews and the kit itself below.

Ruined Farmhouse #1

Runied Farmhouse #2

Ruined Farmhouse Components

The set is good, and with the way the building is could work in other historical settings instead of just modern warfare in the 20th Century.

Will you be picking up either the troopers or the farmhouse?

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