Fight For Ostfront & More In Bolt Action & Get Free Miniature!

February 5, 2015 by brennon

Warlord Games, in the grand tradition of pre-order bonuses, have put together a selection of free miniatures for Bolt Action that you can get when pre-ordering Ostfront: Barbarossa to Berlin...

Ostfront Book & Miniatures

Ostfront Free MiniaturesSo not one, not two, but four to potentially pick up when you order the book! However it isn't just limited to those people who pick up the Ostfront book. If you spend over £50 on the store then you can get one of these miniatures for free throughout February.

The miniature that you get will be random so don't bet on getting the one you really want but it would be cool to get one either way. I think I'd like the Sniper or the Officer.

Will you be picking up Ostfront or anything else from Warlord?

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