Fight In The Snows Of Finland With New Bolt Action Box

October 19, 2013 by brennon

The Finnish are getting their very own infantry box thanks to Warlord Games. Now this army of deadly snowbound hunters will be able to take to the field in Bolt Action with an awesome collection...

Finnish Infantry Cover

Finnish Infantry Box

This set gets you a machine gun team, sniper, a pair of officers, a squad of infantry and then some epic looking ski infantry too! Not a bad collection I would venture.

Finnish Patrol

Finnish Sniper Team

These soldiers were deadly, courageous and resourceful using the land around them to their advantage in order to put paid to their enemies. It was they who managed to hold back Russian advances and hinder them with cunning attacks and snipers waiting in the bushes.

You will be able to get a hold of these soon enough and the rules for them will be contained within the Armies of Italy and the Axis book.

I have just started playing Bolt Action as the Germans with the Assault on Normandy boxed set and I played an allied game during the week. Me and another German player managed to hold back the Allied assault until we were timed out!

It's a very fun system and I am looking forwards to adding to it over the coming months.

Will you be playing as the Finns?

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