Keep The French Army Ticking Over With New Bolt Action Minis!

January 10, 2015 by brennon

If you're a fan of fielding the French in your games of Bolt Action from Warlord Games then you might find a use for some French Generals and the Lorraine 38L Armoured Carrier. Keep the men fighting and get them there alive and well...

French Army HQ

Lorraine 38L Armoured Carrier

I don't overly like the style of the vehicle itself but I can see why it was pretty needed on the battlefield. I can't help but feel that the tarpaulin over the top of the compartments at the back isn't very safe but then again at least there's plenty of metal elsewhere.

I really like the French Army HQ though and think it's packed with character. My favourites are the chap with the submachine gun and the commanding officer himself with that rather stylish cap.

Interestingly the Lorraine would of course have fallen into the lands of the Germans shortly after occupation so it will be interesting to see the way they tweaked them into anti-tank guns and artillery pieces.

Do you play as the French?

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