The French Rumble into WWI from Warlord With New Tank

February 1, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Seeing that a large portion of WWI was fought on French soil, it is only appropriate that Warlord Games releases some French Tanks.


WWI St Chamond

This time they have released the St. Chamond Tank. This was a heavy tank weighing in at a mighty 23 tonnes and incredibly powered by a tiny 90hp motor! It also had a crew of 8 and one could think of it as a land battleship.

WWI St Chamond

Unfortunately it had several design flaws other than the under-powered motor, such as short narrow tracks and weak armour. It is designs such as this and others that led to constant improvement in the evolution of the tank as the designers continuously looked to improve upon previous designs and models.

WWI St Chamond

With all of this activity from Warlord will we be seeing a WWI version of Bolt Action Soon?

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