Fight With A Band Of Brothers Starter Set For Bolt Action 2nd Edition

August 7, 2016 by brennon

Warlord Games have put together a new Starter Set for you to get stuck into Bolt Action 2nd Edition. Here we have the Band Of Brothers set which pits the US Airborne against German Grenadiers.

Band of Brothers

Band of Brother Contents

This boxed set will give you an all plastic start for World War II where you and a friend can play as the US and the Germans. The US will get themselves the Airborne which are looking great...

US Airborne

...while the Germans will get themselves some Grenadiers and also a Halftrack for some additional support.

German Grenadiers

This sounds like a great way to get started in the game as you have two really characterful sets packed with additional extras. I do like all the bits and pieces you get here like close combat weapons, alternative poses, maps and more.

If you pre-order the book then Warlord Games also have a deal for you where you get yourself a copy of General Patton to command the troops.

General Patton

Does this like the entrance to World War II wargaming that you've been looking for? I think the US Airborne in particular are looking fantastic and well worth succumbing to shiny syndrome over.

What do you think?

"The US will get themselves the Airborne which are looking great..."

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