The Germans Roll Out The Panzer III For Bolt Action

October 25, 2013 by brennon

A big burly German tank is rolling its way onto the battlefield from Warlord Games for Bolt Action. See what you think of the mighty Panzer III as it more than likely levels that building you were just hiding in!

Panzer III

Panzer III (Alt)

This was a pretty brutal tank and a mainstay of the German army throughout the war. It was a powerful ally to the German infantry as they pushed into Russia and had capabilities allowing it to take on other tanks and enemy infantry with ease.

I have been playing as Germans in a few games of Bolt Action recently and I would love to get myself a tank! I have been looking at a few of them and I do like the Stug but I don't like the fact the turret can't turn!

I'm looking to build around 750 and 1000 points of Germans and I have around 380 points of infantry at the moment thanks to Assault on Normandy so what tank do you guys suggest I get?

Do you like this Panzer?

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