Grab A Bolt Action Airborne Starter Army From Warlord Games

May 27, 2017 by brennon

Warlord Games has been adding to their selection of Starter Armies for Bolt Action as they dropped their British Airborne force into the mix.

British Airborne Starter Army

First off we have the Starter Army itself which you can see above which comes with a vast selection of their plastic miniatures for you to use as the core of your force plus a Vickers Machine Gun Team, Medium Mortar and even a PIAT Gun.

Additionally, thrown into the mix are some command elements as well as a flamethrower to burn the enemy out of their hiding place.

Expand Your Force

Adding to the army from that point requires some armour and a few more options. The Expansion Pack for the Airborne forces comes with an Airborne HQ unit, Jeep & Trailer and a Tetrarch.

British Airborne Army Expansion Set

You can then build on this even more if you want to collect together the complete collection with the Division Set.

British Airborne Division

This not only gives you the Starter Set but also the Expansion AND a Horsa Guilder plus some of the objective sets for good measure. You can stage the proper attack on Pegasus Bridge.

What do you think of the new Airborne force?

"You can stage the proper attack on Pegasus Bridge..."

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