Hop Your Bolt Action Brits Onto New Bedford Trucks

November 23, 2014 by dracs

Warlord have come out with two new resin vehicle for Bolt Action which will bring all new carrying capacity to your British and Commonwealth forces. Hop on to these civilian pattern 30cwt Bedford Trucks.

30cwt Bedford Panel Van Civilian Pattern

30cwt Bedford Dropside Truck Civilian Pattern

According to Warlord, at the outbreak of the Second World War these 30cwt trucks were the standard military trucks of the British army, being used to transport all manner of things, from men to supplies, and occasionally being modified for specialised roles.

Given that these are the civilian patterns, I would be very tempted to use them in my planned Home Guard army. They may not be quite Jones' van, but they will no doubt give my stalwart Local Defence Volunteers some much needed mobility.

Would you make use of these trucks in your Bolt Action armies?

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