There Is No Horsing Around With The Waffen-SS Cavalry

January 23, 2015 by stvitusdancern


Warlord Games has just announced a couple of new releases for their ever expanding range of Bolt Action armies. This time around they have released two sets, first you have the the standard Waffen SS mounted on their steeds, they also come as dismounted troops, so you are not forced to use the same models in different actions.

Waffen SS Cavalry

The second set is a LMG and NCO also with dismounted models as well.

Waffen SS Cavalry NCO LMG

Thes miniatures are modeled after the the 8th SS Calvary Division which became the 22nd SS Voluntary Calvary Division and finally the 37th SS Voluntary Calvary Division which at the end of the war surrender to the Americans to prevent them from being persecuted by the Russians.

Waffen SS Cavalry Dismounted

It is hard to imagine men on horses still fighting in a war that was dominated by tanks. Since I have been starting an Waffen SS army for my Bolt Action games, I will definitely be looking into this.

Waffen SS Cavalry NCO LMG Dismounted

Will you be adding some "horsepower" to your army?

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