I Am The Law, But Just for One Day by Warlord Games

July 25, 2014 by stvitusdancern

For one day only Warlord Games will make available to everyone who wants to get one of their limited edition PC Dogberry miniatures.


In conjunction with their Games Day and the exclusive figure of a WWII Police Constable with the ever famous whistle and yes, even a pistol. This miniature looks really good and would make an nice addition to any game setting let alone WWII. I can see this being added to a scenario with Warlord Games Dad's Army set. For myself, being a retired police officer (early retirement, I am not that old!) I must order one of these just to display.


They will also be offering one last chance to get your hands on the limited edition "Day of Days" Lt. Dick Winters miniature that was available during Historicon.  So pick them up while you can.

Will you be bringing some law and order to your games table?

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