An All Plastic Churchill Rumbles Into Warlord’s Bolt Action

August 15, 2016 by brennon

Warlord Games have now put together a big plastic kit allowing you to try out seven different variants of the Churchill on the tabletop in Bolt Action. Which of them are you going to make?

Churchill Tank Box

The Churchill was, as you might imagine, named after the famous Winston Churchill who was actually involved in the development of the tank as a weapon during World War I. With that in mind it seems fitting that one of the best British tanks bears his name.

Churchill Mk III #1

Heavily armoured, it was a stalwart addition to the British army. The crews loved them even though by the standards of other tanks the Churchill was under-armed.

Churchill Mk III #2

As mentioned above the tank comes with seven different variants available for it within the box although of course you can only make one. Effectively all you need to do is switch the turrets round however and you have a new tank.

Churchill Mk VI

Churchill Variants Guide

Churchill NA-75

The Churchill is a very good looking tank as well as being a beast on the tabletop. I like the long design although maybe that would count against it when it was trying to avoid enemy fire. It does look like a behemoth though.

Want More Churchill Tanks?

You can also pick up a Churchill Troop if you like to have three different Churchills on the go at once.

Churchill Troop

I can see John and Justin picking up a few of these to use as they build up a British force.

What do you think?

"The crews loved them even though by the standards of other tanks the Churchill was under-armed..."

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